Citizens Can Sign Up for Emergency Notifications ...
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Gillespie County and the City of Fredericksburg have partnered with CivicReady to implement its mass notification solution.  Available from CivicPlus, a leader in integrated technology for local government, the CivicReady solution will allow Gillespie County and the City of Fredericksburg to issue urgent notifications, emergency instructions, warnings, and routine communications to subscribed citizens and visitors via email, text message, and voice alert, to keep our community safe and informed.  In the event of a local emergency, those subscribed to CivicReady will benefit from immediate, actionable information and instructions sent via their preferred notification channel.

CivicReady AlertSense is part of the CivicPlus Platform of local government technology solutions designed exclusively for the public sector.  

“This technology will enable anyone who lives in the community, as well as those visiting, to receive emergency alerts and community notifications that may impact them and/or their families.   This is also a tool that can be used if you have a family member or friend living in Fredericksburg or Gillespie County and you want to be made aware of any emergencies they may be facing.   Gillespie County and the City of Fredericksburg are excited to have this tool in the toolbox to keep our community better informed of emergency situations,” stated Justin Calhoun, Emergency Management Coordinator.  

CivicReady offers several ways to sign up for notifications.  One way is to text ‘FBGTX’ or “Gillespie’ to 38276.  Those wishing to subscribe may also visit to sign up for notifications.