Separate Habitable Structures are to be Assigned Separate House Numbers

We are required to name any private roads that are being used to access two (2) or more livable dwellings, with telephone service, landline or wireless, and /or postal service, i.e. main homes, cabins, office/shops, mobile homes, apartments, wedding reception halls, commercial offices.  Separate structures are to be assigned separate house numbers.  

Regulations adopted by the Gillespie County Commissioners Court on December 14, 1992, state within Article IV Section 4.2 Designation of Street Names:  "All private roads with multiple family/business structures must be named and specific addresses assigned to each structure.  If the private road has only a single structure, and the entrance to the private road is from a named road, then the private road will be treated as a driveway and an address assigned at the drive with the street name being that of the named road."  

Where do you purchase a blue house number sign? 

Please bring your official address notification letter with you. 

A blue 6" high x 12" wide reflective 9-1-1 house number plate with white numbers can be purchased at the Gillespie County Rural Addressing Office between 10 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. 

The Cost is $10.00, and you must present your official notification letter.  One double-sided plate is available per assigned house number. 

Only check or cash payment method is accepted. The $10 check must be made payable to "Gillespie County" and must include your DL # / Phone # / Birthdate information on it.  

* 101 West Main St. Mail Unit 9 Room B-101 *
* Fredericksburg, TX 78624-3700 *
* Phone 830-997-1726 * Fax 830-997-9867 *

Gillespie County Rural 9-1-1 Addressing

Raynell Wilke,
Rural Addressing Database Manager and County 9-1-1 Coordinator

Procedures for Gillespie County Rural Addressing Office Due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 concerns, business is handled via email, fax, telephone call, USPS mail, and limited walk-ins.  Our goal is to keep everyone well.  Thank you for your assistance, cooperation and understanding.  

How do you obtain an official physical address?

Please Provide information of the exact location of the driveway (or the planned future permanent driveway) - where you are turning off of the named road to get onto your property/habitable structure.  The address point measurement must be made within 35' of the center of the driveway.  

#1: Provide the GPS x,y longitude,latitude coordinates of the center of the driveway intersection with the named road.  OR

#2: Provide an aerial such as Google Map with a pin drop showing exactly where the driveway is.  OR

#3: Provide a full parcel site design plan from the builder showing where the new driveway is.  

Who do you need to notify of your correct new mailing address?   
#1: Contact the post office, appraisal district, all of your service providers, any subscriptions, personal and business interests, i.e. financial and insurance offices, and report the correct information. 
#2: Keep your official notification letter in your files to be able to provide a copy of it to any of the above.  
Is your home address, place of business, directions, etc. missing or not correct on an online Map?   
#1: Contact the map provider and report the correct information.
#2: Contact and report the correct information.  
Has your Blue Reflective 9-1-1 House Number Sign been stolen?
#1: Contact your Law Enforcement Agency and report the theft.
#2: Post your House Number again and Stay Vigilant of Your Neighborhood Happenings.

Office Hours Open to the Public:   Monday - Friday

10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. 


Located in the City of Fredericksburg?

If you need an address verification letter and live in City of Fredericksburg limits, then contact City of Fredericksburg Development Services Coordinator Shelby Collier at (830) 990-2013. 




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