Mission Statement


The Gillespie County Treasurer's

Mission Statement

To perform in a professional and ethical manner the duties and responsibilities of the Gillespie County Treasurer and the Treasurer’s Office.

In so doing, serve the Office and the public in a fair, impartial, and consistent manner; establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with all county officials, county employees, other state and local entities, and the general public.

Gillespie County Treasurer


To the Gillespie County Treasurer’s Office web page.

The information contained in this web page is provided to inform you of the duties and responsibilities of the Gillespie County Treasurer and the Treasurer's Office and to provide you with an array of information, forms, and various financial reports.

         The County Treasurer is a state constitutional elected office ... elected to a four year term.  The County Treasurer serves as the chief custodian of county finances.  The County Treasurer receives and accounts for all monies ... from whatever source ...  belonging to the County.  The County Treasurer pays, applies, and disburses monies belonging to the County as Commissioners Court may require or direct, not inconsistent with constituted law.

            The County Treasurer invests available County funds.  All investments are in compliance with the Public Funds Investment Act (Texas Government Code, Chapter 2256) and the Gillespie County Investment Policy.  

             In performing these functions, the County Treasurer performs an extremely important role in the “checks and balances” of the monies that flow through Gillespie County.
            As with all elected county officials, the primary duties of County Treasurer are defined by the Texas Local Government Code.  


              I serve as your Gillespie County Treasurer and am honored to do so.  Should you have any questions or comments about the Gillespie County Treasurer’s Office, please feel free to contact me at the contact information as noted on this web page.

Gillespie County Courthouse
101 W. Main Street, Mail Unit #5
Courthouse Room 106
Fredericksburg, TX 78624-3700

Office Hours
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Monday – Friday
Closed Holidays

Contact Information
Phone: 830-997-6521

Dana Smith
County Treasurer

Judy Tatsch
Assistant Treasurer 


Kristel Rheinhardt
Assistant Treasurer