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Office Email:  countytreasurer@gillespiecounty.org

Office Hours:  8:00 am - 5:00 pm ~ Closed Holidays

County Treasurer Unclaimed Funds

          Chapter 76 of the Texas Property Code governs the Texas county, municipality and independent school district (ISD) unclaimed property programs.  The code provides for property valued at $100.00 or less that is in the possession of a Gillespie County office ... provided it meets certain conditions ... be delivered to the County Treasurer to be held in a separate fund (Unclaimed Fund) for perpetuity or until claimed. 

          The Unclaimed Property List ... as provided below ... names those individuals or businesses that have unclaimed funds deposited with the County Treasurer.

          There is no time limit to filing a claim for unclaimed funds.  If your name or your business name is on the County’s list you may contact the County Treasurer’s Office at 830-997-6521 or countytreasurer@gillespiecounty.org for additional information.  Or you can complete the Unclaimed Property Claim Form ... also provided below ... and submit it to the address provided on the form.

          You may also go to the official State of Texas Unclaimed property web site ... https://www.claimittexas.gov/ ... and search that site for unclaimed property held by the State of Texas.