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Justin Calhoun

Emergency Management Coordinator

Gillespie County and
City of Fredericksburg

Phone: 830-990-2033

The City of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County occasionally conduct a test of the City of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County Emergency Mass Notification System.  The test consists of a short telephone message to approximately 7000 phone numbers in the City of Fredericksburg and in the unincorporated area of Gillespie County. Not everyone receives a telephone call.  The purpose of the test is to evaluate the ability of our telephone system to handle the additional load that an emergency in our area will create. We also test the interface between the mass notification system and our local telephone system.  No action is required of those who receive the test call.
Thank you for your patience and your participation. 
124 West Main St - Fredericksburg, TX 78624 - Ph. 830-990-2033

Emergency Notification System Information and Registration

Gillespie County and the City of Fredericksburg are introducing a new service designed to keep our citizens aware of emergency conditions. I-Info is an emergency notification system that will allow Public Safety Communications or Emergency Management to quickly notify our citizens of an emergency that may affect their area. Only residents who sign up to receive the messages will be contacted.

By registering, Gillespie County will be able to send time-sensitive, targeted messages to select groups and geographic areas via emails, text messages or phone calls.

Citizens are encouraged to register methods of contact, such as home phone, cellular phone, and VoIP numbers, and email addresses. It is very important that citizens register all of their contact numbers to ensure that they do not miss any critical emergency notifications. You can change your selections or remove yourself from the registry by logging in and changing your selections at any time.

The primary use of the system will be to disseminate messages pertaining to the health, safety or welfare of Gillespie County citizens and property when affected by a perceived, emerging, or imminent emergency event. With the emergency alert system, Gillespie County will be able to send emergency notifications for situations such as flash flood warnings, tornado warnings, water contamination alerts, chemical spills, and missing persons.

Receive Notices
24 hours a day
7 days a week
365 days a year
as they are generated.

You can change your selections and information or remove yourself from the registry by logging in and make changesĀ at any time.

This service does not charge fees to registrants to receive messages; however, standard phone charges, mobile minutes and text messaging rates may apply for calls and text messages that you receive as provided for in your telephone or wireless plan.