Moratorium Issued on New Permitted Wells

Well moratorium extended:  The Board of Directors of the Hill Country Underground Water Conservation District at their regular board meeting on October 4, 2022, following a public hearing, voted to extend the moratorium for an additional 90 days on issuing new permits on wells used for irrigation, municipal and commercial purposes within Gillespie County.  Exceptions to this are new permitted wells that would be used to alleviate conditions threatening health, safety, or welfare of the public.  This moratorium does not include replacement permitted wells or wells used for domestic or livestock purposes.  The moratorium will continue until the current drought is broken and aquifer conditions improve. 

The District reminds everyone that filling a stock tank or other surface water impoundments to a volume in excess of 50,000 gallons is prohibited. 

Drought Condition Alert 
The Local Drought Index as of September 24, 2022 is a -4.44, which is a critical drought stage. The U.S. Drought Monitor, as of October 11, 2022, places half of Gillespie County in severe drought stage, and the other half in extreme drought stage.   At this stage outdoor watering should be limited to once a week, and all indoor and outdoor leaks should be fixed. 

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