New December 2020 CDC Quarantine Guidelines Information

Per the new CDC COVID-19 guidelines that went into effect December 2, 2020, quarantines can end after seven (7) days for people who test negative and 10 days for those who do not get tested instead of 14 days. The CDC hopes these new guidelines helps ease some of the economic hardship of quarantining, but they say they do come with risk which they have deemed acceptable.

Up until now, someone who believed they were exposed to COVID19 was advised to quarantine for 14 days after exposure.

The CDC says the 14-day quarantine period is still the best way of reducing the spread, but they say new research has identified two (2) alternatives that are acceptable for shorter quarantine periods. 

The CDC says if you are coming out of quarantine after seven (7) days you should have a COVID-19 test within 48 hours of the end of the quarantine. They say their studies have shown that for someone coming out of a seven (7) day quarantine the residual risk of that person having Coronavirus is between 5 to 10 percent; a risk they say is acceptable.  


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