Quick Reference Contact Information of Courthouse Offices which are closed to public access until further notice

Gillespie County Courthouse Closure Information Effective Thursday, March 26, 2020  

County Auditor Office
Coyote bounties are suspended until further notice.
Phone: (830) 997-6777
Email: lcrump@gillespiecounty.org

    County Clerk Office
    Phone: (830) 997-6515
    Click here for office notice.


County Commissioners Precincts 1,2,3,4
Phone: (830) 997-7503
Email: pbenedict@gillespiecounty.org


    County Court at Law
    Phone: (830) 307-3766
    Email: kpressler@gillespiecounty.org


County Judge
Phone: (830) 997-7502
Email: pbenedict@gillespiecounty.org


    County Tax Assessor Collector
    Phone: (830) 997-6519
    Click here for office notice.


County Treasurer Office
Phone: (830) 997-6521
Court Collections
Phone: (830) 990-7567


    District Clerk Office
    Phone (830) 997-6517
    Email: jdavis@gillespiecounty.org
    Click here for office notice.


Floodplain and Sanitation
We will continue to do business by phone, mail, electronically and personal carrier.
Phone (830) 997-8191
Email Floodplain: floodplain@gillespiecounty.org
Email Sanitation: ossf@gillespiecounty.org


    Human Resources Office
    Please send applications by email or fax. All job postings to remain active until a later date.
    Phone: (830) 307-3715
    Fax: (830) 307-3782
    Email: hr@gillespiecounty.org


Indigent Health Care
Phone: (830) 990-7567


    Rural Addressing Office
    Phone: (830) 997-1726
    Fax: (830) 997-9867
    Email: rural911addr@gillespiecounty.org