Justice of the Peace Precinct Four Notice



GILLESPIE COUNTY ANNEX #1 will be closed to the public starting March 26, and continuing through April 30.


To contact the Court between the hours of 8 AM-4 PM, M-F, please call 830-307-3737, ext 4,           OR,

Mail to JP#4 Court, 125 West Main, Fredericksburg, Tx  78624   OR,

Email the Court at jp4office@gillespiecounty.org

Payments, Pleas or requests for forms may be dropped in DROP BOX at the back of the building.  (Fill out request; envelopes provided.)

1.You may request paperwork for Small Claims, Evictions, or Occupational License to be mailed to you.

2.You may go to www.gillespiecounty.org and print the forms and instructions needed.  (Click on-Elected Officials or Departments;    Click on-County Justice of the Peace, Pct. 4.    Find your needed paperwork for a plea, small claims petition or any other.     Print.     Occupational License not available here.)

Directions for credit card payments are available on web site. (Jurisdiction code: 7422;use TX DL# or ticket # may be used as Citation #);   OR, mail check or M/O;    OR, cash, or other payment may be placed in Drop Box addressed to JP#4.

Filled out paperwork may be mailed to the Court or dropped in the DROP BOX in the back of the building. (Be sure all is properly signed before a Notary if needed.)



(Click here to view Office Notice pdf document.)