Rules of Procedure for Commissioners Court Meetings and Participation Form Available Online

Legislative Change:  Open Meetings - House Bill 2840 passed by the 86th Texas Legislature amends current law relating to the right of a member of the public to address the governing body of a political subdivision at an open meeting of the body. 

Gillespie County Commissioners Court adopted a set of Rules of Procedure, Conduct and Decorum for meetings effective September 1, 2019.  Members of the public will be entitled to address all open meetings, not just public hearings.  The Commissioners Court may continue to limit the amount of time allotted to the public and may continue to punish disruption of the meeting.  

Click here to review the adopted "Rules of Procedure, Conduct and Decorum at Meetings of the Gillespie County Commissioners Court" document.  

Click here to review and complete the Public Participation Form, which must be presented to the County Clerk PRIOR to the time that the agenda item you wish to address is discussed before the Court.