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Lt. John Robinson

    *County Jail

    *Courthouse Security

County Jail Visitation 
Remote visitation, as well as Inmate messaging, is now being offered at the Jail.  Visitors must set up an account PRIOR to visiting or messaging. The account can be set up by going to the website:  NCIC.com and following the simple directions.  The account is free although there are options that allow you to pay.  Once the account is set up the visitor must select an appointment time and "reserve" the time slot.  Time slots are still 30 minutes in duration.

There is a charge for remote visitation.  It is available at $.30 a minute.  This charge can be paid by the visitor, or by the Inmate if there is money on their books.  There is also a charge for messaging.

If you choose to visit onsite here at the Jail, it is still free as always.  An appointment will still have to be made through NCIC.com prior to the visit.

Remote video visitation:

  7 days a week, 7 a.m. - 11 p.m. 


  Lobby hours for onsite visitation:

          Tuesday and Thursday
          8 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

          1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

        When visiting onsite, you must have in your possession a valid state driver's license or state identification card. 
        No one under 17 years of age will be allowed in the facility except with a guardian. 
        Proper conduct is required by all visitors.  Improper conduct will result in termination of the visit and possibly not being allowed further visits.  Visitors who have indications of alcohol or drug use will not be allowed visitation.  
        The jail administration reserves the right to deny visitation to persons deemed to be improperly dressed or suspected of carrying contraband.

Fingerprinting Services 
        (for licensing applicants, education, nursing, etc.)

        Monday - Friday
        2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

        $6.00 (Must be exact amount in the form of Cash or Money Order; 
                    No Checks or Credit Cards accepted.)