Estray Livestock

Notice of Impoundment
Notice is hereby given that the below described livestock was lawfully impounded and is subject to sale under Chapter Four, Title 121, Revised Civil Statutes of Texas 1925, on the date posted in the Notice Of Impoundment Of Estray at the location specified. If this could possibly be your animal, contact the Sheriff's Office at 830-997-7585 before the sale date.

No Estray Case at this time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an estray? 

The Texas Agriculture code defines "Estray" as stray livestock, stray exotic livestock, or stray exotic fowl. 

Who should I call about stray livestock?

State law requires the person in possession of the estray, or stray livestock to "report the presence of the estray to the sheriff of the county in which the estray is discovered."

Can I keep or sell stray livestock if they are on my land?

No, that would be considered stealing. The finder of a stray (estray) livestock may be arrested and charged with "Theft of Livestock" if he or she disposed of the estray outside of the estray procedure.