Airport Zoning Board Meeting Minutes 

January 2021

February 2021

Airport Zoning

The Airport Zoning Ordinance is established to regulate and restrict the heights of structures and objects of natural growth around the airport to enhance safety of aircraft in flight and objects on the ground.  


Gillespie County History: The original zoning ordinance was created by the first Zoning Committee on May 12, 1948 (Members: Fred Matthies, Alfred Petsch, Eric Jenschke, Alfred Neffendorf, and Hans Hannemann).

In 1979, the County appointed a new committee to update the ordinance. The Commissioners and Judge Bryla appointed Richard Sechrist (Chairman), Marvin Prochnow (Secretary), James Kemp, Hans Hannemann and Kenneth Wahl.  They adopted the new ordinance and hazard chart on Aug 21, 1979, and created the “Board of Adjustment.”

The ordinance adopted on Aug 21, 1979 is the current airport zoning ordinance.  The current “Hazard Zoning Chart” is dated 1978. It is based on a 3,800 foot runway.

On Nov 25, 2019, the Gillespie County Commissioners approved the process of updating the airport zoning ordinance via a Joint Airport Zoning Board.  


Current Joint Airport Zoning Board Members
Greg Snelgrove (Chairman)
Judge Mark Stroeher
Commissioner Donnie Schuch
Councilman Jerry Luckenbach
Councilman Bobby Watson 



You must file (Airspace Study (FAA Form 7460-1)) with the FAA at least 45 days prior to construction if:

  • your structure will exceed 200ft above ground level
  • your structure will be in proximity to an airport and will exceed the slope ratio
  • your structure involves construction of a traverseway (i.e. highway, railroad, waterway etc...) and once adjusted upward with the appropriate vertical distance would exceed a standard of 77.9(a) or (b)
  • your structure will emit frequencies, and does not meet the conditions of the FAA Co-location Policy
  • your structure will be in an instrument approach area and might exceed part 77 Subpart C
  • your proposed structure will be in proximity to a navigation facility and may impact the assurance of navigation signal reception
  • your structure will be on an airport or heliport
  • filing has been requested by the FAA

To help determine if your project falls within the list above, go to the following website (


For assistance, please contact the Airport Manager at 830-990-5764. 

Emergency Contact
830-997-7585 (Sheriff's Office)
Office Hours
8:00 am to 5:00 pm M - F
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Airport (T82) Manager
Tony Lombardi