Airport Development Process


  • Available Lots


  • Lease Rates


  • The application process has five (5) phases.


    • Phase I – “Letter of Intent”
      • The Developer will submit a “Letter of Intent” (LOI), using the Airport’s approved template/guidelines.
      • Once the LOI received, reviewed and recommended approval by the AAB, the Developer will work with the Airport Manager to draft/complete the “Development Agreement.”
        • Development Agreement Template (pdf) (for review only)
        • Development Agreement
          • Key Points:
            • Land: The Agreement defines the proposed/requested Land. The Agreement also allows the Developer to modify or adjust, as necessary, the Land, based on future site plans/drawings prior to the Lease Agreement.
            • Time: The Agreement is for 6 months, with an auto renewal for an additional 6-month...The auto renewal is contingent on meeting certain items list in the Agreement.
            • Fees: The Developer will be required to pay the modified ground lease rate for the entire 6 months, upfront and it is non-refundable. The modified ground lease rate is 50% of the normal ground lease rate for the requested land.
            • Termination guidelines: The Agreement defines the termination guidelines for the Developer and Sponsor.
            • Attachment: The LOI will be attached to the Agreement.
        • The Airport Manager will present the Agreement and LOI to Commissioners Court for approval/execution.
    • Phase II – “Engineering Phase”
      • The Developer hires an engineer to create a detailed Engineering Proposal.
      • Developer starts working with the City’s DRC process.
        • The airport is within the City of Fredericksburg, so Developers/contractors must comply with the City’s rules and regulations on construction. Contact the Development Service Department, 830-997-7521, for more information.
      • Once the engineering is complete, with City approval, the Developer will present the project to the AAB.
        • The presentation requirements should address in reasonable detail these general subject areas:
          • Engineering Issues of Site Preparation and Development, including a certified survey with field notes and a city approved site plan.
          • Specs of Building and Aircraft Door
          • Project Budget
          • Finance Plan

          Note: More information can be found within this document (PROJECT DESCRIPTION GUIDELINES – Ph II)

    • Phase III – “Lease Development/Approval
      • Once the AAB recommends approval of the phase II presentation, The Airport Manager will work with the Developer to draft the Lease agreement. Note: if the lease agreement template is used and no substantial modification are made, the AAB does not need to review & approve it.
      • Once the lease is agreed upon by all parties, the Airport Manager will present the project/Lease Agreement to Commissioners Court for approval/execution.
    • Phase IV – “Construction”
      • Once the Lease is executed, the Developer/Lessee may start the construction phase.
      • Prior to moving beyond the groundwork phase, the lessee must have an approved airspace study (FAA Form 7460-1). Note: this form should be submitted at least 45 days prior to erecting the building.
      • Coordinate with the Airport Manager to submit the FAA form 7460-1.
    • Phase V – “Lease Compliance”
      • Once the Lessee receives a “Certificate of Occupancy”, the Airport Manager and a Board representative will inspect the final project to ensure it falls in line with the Lease Agreement.

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