Eclipse - 2024

Gillespie County Airport (T82) is the prime spot to view the total eclipse on Apr 8, 2024.


Key times:


Time (Zulu)

Time (Local)

Start of the partial eclipse



Start of the total eclipse



Max eclipse



End of the total eclipse



End of the partial eclipse




Important Information if you are planning to fly into T82

  1. Preflight Information
    • Airport Information
    • Upon arrival and after securing your aircraft, check in with the parking team or at the terminal building.If parked on a parking tie down location, you must have a parking pass.The parking pass must be displayed and easily viewable in your aircraft.
    • Due to the expected large number of visiting aircraft, services may be limited.Expect long delays for refueling.
    • Key NOTAM...the runway will be closed 2 hours prior to the start of the eclipse (11:30 local) and reopened 1.5 hours after the total eclipse (1500 local).

      (once the NOTAM is published...It will be posted here.)

  2. Parking: (For assistance upon arrival, contact the Ramp Boss on 122.7 for directions)
    • T82 has 89 marked parking spots.

    (To reserve your spot,

    call 830-990-5764)

    ($100 for the event)

    • 40 spots on the terminal ramp (T1-40)
    • 40 spots on the north ramp (N1-40)
    • 9 spots on the forest service ramp (unmarked)

Note: If you have a reservation at the Hangar Hotel, aircraft parking is not included. Follow the direction above to reserve your aircraft parking spot.

  • Overflow aircraft parking (on the grass), weather permitting.
    • It is first come, first served.
    • This area will open for use on Sunday (if early arrival is required, contact the airport manager at 830-990-5764)
    • Parking assistance is required.
      • Parking assistance window
        • Sunday 1200-2000
        • Monday 0700-1130
    • Bring tiedowns and anchors.
  • “Day of”
    • It is first come, first served.
    • Contact the “Ramp Boss” upon landing to get directions.
    • Parking assistance is required.
      • Parking assistance window
        • Monday 0700-1130
    • Bring chocks, since there are no anchor points
    • NOTE: “Day of” parking is only for the day of.If you want to stay overnight, you must either ask to be parked in an overnight location upon arrival, or move your aircraft after the event (not during the main departure time)

o    Departure plan

  • The airport has placed volunteers all around the airport to assist with your departure. Please follow all the directions to help expedite everyone’s departure in a safe and orderly way. The Ramp Boss will be the overall ground authority.
  • Once you arrive at your aircraft and you are ready to leave, check in with your parking zone leader. The parking zone leader will check with the rest of the team to see if you should start. Following their recommendations, this will prevent traffic jams and excessive engine running ground time.
  • All aircraft will depart VFR (if an IFR clearance is desired, contact Houston Center once airborne and a distance from the airport).
  • Intersection takeoffs are not permitted, unless approved by the Ramp Boss.
  1. Lodging in Fredericksburg is limited (contact early)
    • The Hangar Hotel is full.
    • Many hotels in Fredericksburg are full also, but you can check by going to for information regarding Hotels & Lodging; Restaurants, Wineries and Things to do.

  2. Transportation (no courtesy vehicles)
    • Taxi, Uber and Lyft are usually available (expect a wait time due to the event).

  3. Food
    • For the day of, food is available at the fairgrounds (within walking distance)

  4. Eclipse Glasses
    • If needed, glasses are available at the terminal building. 

Methods of payment

To pay online

Click here.

(Use 1227 as the Reference Number)

(Note...there will be a $12.08 service fee for online payments)

Payment via check

Make check out to “Gillespie County” and

on the memo line write “for eclipse airport parking”

Mail to:

Gillespie County

101 W Main St, Mail Unit#9, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Emergency Contact
830-997-7585 (Sheriff's Office)
Office Hours
8:00 am to 5:00 pm M - F
Office Phone Number
Office Fax Number
Airport (T82) Manager
Tony Lombardi